How fast is your website?

Improve your website performance with VitalFrog

High conversion rates and a good Google ranking depend on your website performance.
Use VitalFrog as your companion to find out where you can improve.

Track your performance over time

See what changes had an impact to your websites performance

VitalFrog continuously gathers the data about your website performance. With this powerful tool at hand, you know exactly what of your changes improved or ruin your performance. Stop poking around in the fog and start working data driven.
Screenshot of the VitalFrog performance over time chart to keep an overview how your website performance changes

Get the full picture

Figure out the performance of every sub-page

It is the long tail of your sites that usually are an oversight. This is now over with VitalFrog. See the complete picture of your site and provide your customers a consistent performance profile. Gain brand trust and improve your conversion rates.
Screenshot of the VitalFrog page overview to find exactly what page drags your performance down